Our Mission


To foster and facilitate cooperation amongst Member Clubs and promote acceptance and empowerment of big gay men and the men that admirer them.


Big Gay Mens Organization (BGMO) facilitates social settings where your size or the admiration of big men isn’t an issue. For some men it’s a safe haven to explore for the first time their own desirability and sexuality.  For other men it’s an opportunity to explore feelings and emotions that they have kept hidden for fear of being ridiculed.  For others it’s just a chance to get together with the men whom they are attracted to. No matter what your personal or interpersonal acceptance maybe, there’s a very good chance you will find comfort and acceptance with your involvement in one of the BGMO member clubs.


I. The objectives of this organization are to provide a vehicle for the gathering together of autonomous and diverse gay (or bi-sexual) big men’s clubs in order to jointly accomplish, to their mutual benefit, the following:

A.  Generate increased interest and involvement in member clubs by:

  1. Placing neutral, cooperative advertisement in national media which have an appeal to the gay male population, specifically including media that appeals to the large gay male those who admirer them.
  2. BGMO shall assist in providing appropriate speakers to organizations that have an interest in the mission of BGMO.
  3. Record and preserve the resources of years of experience in the operation of member clubs. Providing member clubs and prospective new clubs with advice on any matter that the member club wishes to receive.
  4. Assistance in providing an Internet presence (aka website).

      B.  reparation of an information packet that will assist individuals wishing to form a new club.  This packet will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis and shall be provided at no charge to anyone seeking such information.

  1. At the request of a newly forming club, the BGMO Board will assist in the appointment of an advisor club to provide first hand assistance.
  2. Other assistance will only be in the form of materials and expert advice.
  3. When funds are available, BGMO will provide financial assistance to help member clubs with emergency financial funds and new clubs with start-up assistance when properly applied for following the BGMO Finance Committee guidelines that have been approved and modified from time to time by the membership.

C.  Educating and Promoting, the acceptance of big gay men and their admirers and opposing discrimination in all forms, but primarily discrimination against big gay men and their admirers.

D.  Generation and maintenance of big men’s member clubs, non-member clubs and other related organizations, publications, etc.

E.  Publication of a  newsletter in a format that can be easily reproduced and which can be included in the newsletters of each member club that would inform the membership of BGMO  activities that would be of interest to the membership.

II.  BGMO is a non-political organization and shall not take a stance on any political candidate or issue. If, in the best judgment of the officers of this organization, a political issue or candidate warrants mention, either by letter or in the newsletter, such mention shall be without official endorsement or conclusion.

III.  BGMO shall not involve itself in the activities of any member club without the written request of that member club.  Then such activity must be approved by the Board of Directors prior to any assistance being provided.

IV.  BGMO is empowered to raise funds necessary to fulfill its purpose through annual dues assessed to member clubs, raffles at sanctioned events and other fund raising measures that are approved by the Board of Directors.

V.  BGMO is a nonprofit corporation organized for exclusively charitable, scientific, religious, and educational purposes within the meaning of section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.