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Welcome to Big Gay Mens Organization (BGMO)

We are an international organization for big men, bears and their admirers. We provide assistance to member clubs and individuals seeking opportunities to come together without fear of being shunned for being large or liking large men. Our network enables big gay men to socialize and value ourselves by celebrating being big, healthy, and alive. We promote being proud of who we are and knowing that issues that affect us all can be shared with each other to foster and generate a healthy environment for all.

BGMO is a new name for the former organization that was called Affiliated Big Mens Clubs (ABC). The mission of ABC and BGMO are virtually the same, but for organizations to continue to move themselves forward, organizations need to change with the times in order to remain a viable organization. ABC was formed in 1986, by a group of big men that wanted to help big gay men to connect, in ways there were positive for those that attended the meetings and events. The name and a new set of bylaws were changed in April of 2013, which formed BGMO.

BGMO is continuing that tradition, as well as developing itself as a complete nonprofit organization which will help the organization to begin accepting sponsorship’s and doing fundraising to continue to provide the needed assistance to all of its members and the big gay mans community around the world.


Please look through our website and learn more about who we are!

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